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We are obliged to follow the same legal regulations as banks. Having operated for 14 years in the industry, we’ve won the trust of thousands of customers.

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You can always call or chat with us, send an email and use Messenger to contact us.

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Do you have any questions?

  1. How can I recommend EasySend to my friends? 

    That’s simple! You just need to have an EasySend customer account. In the Customer Panel, go to “Refer & Earn” where you’ll find your reference link. Send it by e-mail or share on Facebook. Each person that click on a link and create a new account on EasySend website will be considered as recommended by you. If you don’t have EasySend account, you need to sign up. Don’t worry, this will take no more than 20 seconds. It is necessary to make at least 1 transfer (it’ll be free of charge). That’s all. You can start recommending us. Remember: EasySend guarantees excellent exchange rates, easy transactions and fast money delivery. Ten years of experience in the market and thousands of satisfied customers are the best recommendation of our services.

  2. What are the rewards? 

    When the sum of your friend’s transfers reach at least £100 (or the equivalent amount in EUR or PLN), you will receive £10 (or the equivalent amount in EUR or PLN). In addition, the person recommended by you will receive one free SuperFAST transfer

  3. How many people can I invite? 

    As many as you want! The amount is unlimited, However, please remember that we check and verify your recommendations. Try to invite only those friends that have agreed to participate in the Referral Programme.

  4. When will I receive my reward? 

    In the Customer Panel you may check the status of all your recommendations. You will see the data of friends recommended by you. If the total amount of transfers reach £100 (or the equivalent amount in EUR or PLN), you’ll know that too. Then, you will be able to order an award to be paid into your account or wait for a bigger amount. The decision is yours.

  5. Are there any time limits? 

    No, there are no limits. Each recommendation is valid for the whole term of the Referral Programme. Even if your friend will create an account and order a transfer after a few months, you’ll have the right to claim £10 (or the equivalent amount in EUR or PLN).

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