Notice to the customers of Easysend Ltd. regarding the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU (brexit)


We use cutting-edge technological solutions.

Your money and personal data are completely safe with us so that you have one thing less to worry about.

  • Data security

    Our solutions allowing for the fastest international transfers are web-based. We use the most recent security protocols, including: HTTPS, SSL and SSH with a key length of at least 256 bits. Security and stability is further enhanced by regular data backup.
  • Guaranteed processing of transactions

    We care about the highest level of our services. We comply with the legal regulations applicable in EU countries. If you have any problems with your transactions, contact us. We respond to all messages.
  • Recording phone calls

    All phone calls to EasySend Customer Service are recorded and safely stored. This allows us to refer to them whenever we need to do so.
  • Automatic logout

    We automatically log you out after a period of account inactivity so as to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Verification of changes

    Changes to your identity or address of residence will need to be verified and confirmed. This is to prevent unauthorised changes to your account.
  • Transparency and discretion

    You decide how much to send. We do not have access to your bank account or your account history. There are no undisclosed fees and your contact details are always kept confidential.

We focus on security.

We use the most recent security protocols. Since 2006, we have been committed to ensuring your peace of mind and security, which is why thousands of customers have trusted us.

FCA Authorised

EasySend Ltd is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the UK Payment Services Regulations 2009 to provide payment services (no: 593364).


EasySend Ltd uses the services of GeoTrust one of the well-established brands in the field of online security. GeoTrust is the second largest SSL (CA) issuer in the world.

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