Payment and collection options

Pay and collect money the way you like.

We offer you several options - choose one that is best for you.

Payment option

With us, you already know all the fees, exchange rate and the amount your recipient will receive at the stage of ordering a transfer.

  • Payment card

    Use your debit or credit card to make a fast payment without the need to access your bank's website.

  • Bank transfer

    Transfer money from your bank account - in a conventional way or by quick online payment.

Collection options

Take care of your loved ones. Depending on their location and circumstances, you can choose a collection option that will be best for them.

  • Payment card

    The recipient will receive money on their VISA or Mastercard. The first transfer is always free! This is a great solution for those who want to send money from Poland and convert it into hryvnia. The recipient will receive the money in Ukrainian currency.

  • Bank transfer

    Before the recipient knows it, the transfer from you will already be in his or her bank account. In as little as 10 minutes!

  • Cash

    Your loved ones don't have a bank account? That's not a problem - they can also collect cash at any post office in Poland.

Send money instantly

Anywhere, anytime, to anyone you want.

Languages that we speak

There are no borders for us - also when it comes to language. Check which languages we speak!