Why limit yourself? Transfer as much as you need.

EasySend has 3 levels for the amount of money you can transfer in 90 days. In order to ensure that the transactions are secure and compliant with the law, we will require you to verify your account. Provide the following information in your Customer Profile to be able to send larger amounts. It's very easy!

  • 1000 €*/90 days

    Basic limit

    Do you only use our services to pay your bills or transfer smaller amounts of money?
    Just provide basic details:

    full name, e-mail address, telephone number, PESEL number, country of birth, nationality, address of residence
  • Up to 15 000 €*/90 days

    Extended limit

    Do you need more freedom? Do you send money to your family, pay off a mortgage or perhaps have a savings account in Poland?
    We use “selfie” ID verification, as well as verification of address of residence

  • 15 000+ €*/90 days

    Individual limit

    Do you need to send larger amounts?
    Contact our Customer Service by email or phone:
    UK: +44 20 3318 7267
    PL: +48 58 500 86 75
    UE: +353 1 485 4489

    Verification of proof of sources of funds

* or equivalent amount in other currencies

We reserve the right to ask for additional documents, even if the client does not exceed the listed limits. We do it on order to protect our customers and their money.

Your security

The provision of data and documents is required by legal regulations governing the transfer of money within the European Union. EasySend always ensures a high standard of security for our customers and fully complies with these regulations. For our customers' convenience, the amount and type of data to be provided depends on the amount of money transferred within a 90-day period, calculated individually for each customer from the moment of their registration in the system.

  • Identity verification

    Identity verification is required if the total amount of transfers made by a customer equals or exceeds the equivalent of EUR 1,000* over a period of 90 days. Verification is also mandatory for transfers to certain countries (e.g. Georgia) or in special cases**. Identity is verified only once until the validity period of the document expires. Instant identity verification by “selfie” is available in the web or mobile application (identity document + face verification required).

  • Address of residence verification

    It remains valid for a period of 2 years (a photograph or electronic version of a relevant document needs to be uploaded in the web or mobile application). Document confirming the address of residence is only required in special cases**.

  • Verification of the source of funds

    For transfers the total amount of which exceeds EUR 15,000* within a 90-day period or in other special cases**, a photograph or electronic document confirming the source of funds needs to be uploaded in the web or mobile application for each transfer exceeding this amount.
    Additional customer verification may be required when making the first transfer. A list of documents that can be provided as proof of identity or address of residence confirmation are listed below.


  • Identity document

    It should be recent and the data must be legible, including the name, document number, date of issue and expiration date.
    The photograph or scan of the document should be clear and made in colour; all data should be visible and legible. The following formats are acceptable: png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, bmp or tiff.

    List of accepted documents:

    • passport,
    • EUR national ID card – issued by an EU Member State,
    • UK driving licence (driving licences issued by other countries are not accepted),
    • residence permit issued by an EU Member State (for non-EU citizens).
  • Address of residence confirmation

    Documents issued earlier than 3 months before will not be accepted.
    The data must be legible, including the name, address, account number/document reference number/date of issue.
    The following formats are acceptable: png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, bmp or tiff.

    List of accepted documents:

    • bank statement with the account owner’s name, account number, address and date of issue,
    • debit/credit card statement with the card number,
    • council tax – bill or demand for payment with legible customer/reference number,
    • scholarship confirmation or similar document with visible customer/reference number,
    • firearms licence with visible customer/reference number,
    • housing benefit with visible customer/reference number,
    • ID card issued by Electoral Roll,
    • official correspondence from Inland Tax Revenue with visible customer/reference number,
      tax credit.
  • Other documents

    • power of attorney with visible customer/reference number,
    • mortgage statement with visible customer/reference number,
    • UK driving licence (issued in England, Wales and Scotland; licences issued in Northern Ireland are not accepted),
    • utility and landline telephone bills (mobile phone bills are not accepted) with visible customer/reference number.
  • In addition, the following documents are accepted for transfers ordered to countries outside the EEA:

    • residence permit issued by an EU Member State,
    • driving licence issued by an EU Member State,
    • lease agreement,
    • bank statement,
    • pay slip (with address),
    • utility bill,
    • official letter,
    • letter from employer confirming your address.

* or the equivalent amount in another currency
** We reserve the right to demand additional documents even if the indicated limits are not exceeded. We do so with an aim to provide security for our customers and their money.

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