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Why EasySend?

See for yourself that international transfers can be fast and cheap! Excellent exchange rate, low (or zero) fees and transfers reaching your loved ones even in 10 minutes! Send money to your family, pay your bills or instalments and shop in foreign stores.

How to transfer money with EasySend?

3 simple steps to easy and cheap international transfers.


Choose the recipient

Sign up and send money to your family, pay bills or keep saving money. The first transfer is always free.


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Choose the transfer type and pay by card or bank transfer.


We’ll take care of the rest!

The recipient will get money even in 10 minutes from the moment you pay for the transfer.

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Any questions?

  1. How to sign up? 

    In order to sign up, click ‘Sign up’ at the top-right corner of the screen. Use your own email address and a password of your choice to activate your EasySend account.

  2. How do I transfer money? 

    In order to transfer money, in the first step, log in to the EasySend Customer Panel and make a transfer order. When you click ‘Make transfer’, our system will ask you to choose a recipient. If there’s no recipient on your list yet, click ‘Add a new recipient’. The second step is to enter the transfer amount in the input or output currency and choose one of the transfer methods available for the desired transfer direction. Next, you’ll just have to pay for the order by quick online payment, payment card, or bank transfer to the bank account specified in our system.

  3. When will the recipient receive the funds?  
    • Cash pick-up transfers (Transfers to the Post Office, transfers to Ukraine) Delivery time for cash pick-up can be even 10 minutes.
    • Transfers to bank account Transfer execution time depends on the selected destination and currency, and will be displayed when ordering the transfer. Depending on the selected transfer type, execution time can vary from even 10 minutes to 1-3 business days.
    • Transfers to debit/creditcard The recipient of a transfer to a card receives the funds in 10 minutes to maximum one business day.
  4. How can I pay for the transfer? 

    You can choose from: card payment (debit or credit), quick online payment or bank transfer payment. As far as card payments are concerned, it’s enough to enter the data from the card, and funds will be sent automatically. Should you choose bank transfer as the payment method, you’ll have to transfer the amount to our account manually by online banking. After you enter the required transfer data, the system will display the account number for that transaction. Remember to include customer ID or transaction number in the title. This will allow us to identify the payment; otherwise transfer execution time may be longer.

  5. Where can I find information on the current currency exchange rates? 

    The current exchange rate is always available on our website. Once you place the order, the rate given in the transfer order is reserved for 24 hours.

  6. How will the data provided when I signed up be secured?  

    All EasySend customers’ data are strictly confidential and processed for the purpose of money transfer execution. We’re registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act under number Z2973216. We meet the highest international security standards. More information, including that concerning collecting and processing of personal data, can be found on: https://www.easysend.pl/en/privacy-policy.

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