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First FAST transferfree

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Every tenth transferfree

At EasySend everyone can send money for free
to any destination

How does it work?

Each transfer made via EasySend, regardless of its destination, amount or payment method, appears in your Customer Panel.

After having made the 9th transfer, a free FAST transfer will be activated on your account. The next FAST transfer will thus be free – no matter how much and where you want to send money.

Have you used your free FAST transfer? Great, you’ve just saved money with EasySend. You can now start counting to 10 again.


  1. No fee is deducted for every tenth transfer ordered via EasySend (the Every 10th Transfer Free offer).
  2. To be entitled to a free transfer, the customer needs to make 9 successful transfer orders from the customer account.
  3. Next FAST transfer order placed from the customer account will be free.
  4. After the free transfer is sent, the counting process will restart automatically.
  5. The offer covers only transfersed order on the website or via the Customer Service. Transfers ordered at agent locations are exempt from the promotion.
  6. SuperFAST transfers and transfer to the Post Office are also exempt from the promotion. They are payable at the rate provided regardless of order number.
  7. The free transfer is calculated by taking into account all successful online transfers, regardless of whether they were FAST or SuperFAST.
  8. The free transfer will be activated on your account within 1 business day.
  9. EasySend reserves the right to charge full fee for any transfer order after informing the customer via email or by phone of the reason for so doing.
  10. This offer applies only to individual customers.
  11. It applies to both new and existing EasySend customers.