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Fees and processing time

Account fees One hour registration Designated currency dealer FAST transfer to Poland FAST transfer to the UK FAST transfer to EU countries More SPOT and FORWARD transactions More
(up to £10,000)
free £2 free £5
Business PRO
(over £10,000)
free Even £0 free Even £0

Delivery time

Transfer to an EU country – money will reach the recipient’s account on the same day, or on the next business day at the latest.


A SPOT transaction is a transaction that can be settled within a maximum of two business days from the date the transaction is concluded. It is a direct exchange between two currencies. EasySend offers the possibility of concluding SPOT transactions with the settlement date on the same day, the next business day or within two days. SPOT transactions don’t require security deposits.


One way to mitigate foreign exchange risk is to engage in forward transactions, i.e., to purchase a certain amount of currency for a pre-agreed settlement date. The exchange rate is the one from the day of concluding the transaction and does not change regardless of market trends. EasySend allows its customers to conclude forward transactions with a maximum delivery date after three months. This helps our customers manage their cash flow more efficiently. Forward transactions are subject to security deposits of 5% transaction value.

Business PRO
Account fees
One hour registration
Designated currency dealer
FAST transfer to Poland
first for free,
every other £2
FAST transfer to the UK
FAST transfer to EU countries
SPOT and FORWARD transactions

What do business customers say about us?

  • PRT Foods

    “From our experience, we consider EasySend Ltd to be a highly flexible, punctual and scrupulous company. The level of service and commitment is extremely high, and people dedicated to work with us are open, helpful and professional.” Zenon Kaczmarczyk, the Owner “PRT Foods (UK) Ltd”

    MSM Foods

    “EasySend offers us the best currency exchange rate on the market and the possibility of high-speed transfers. As we value timely and professional service, I can recommend EasySend to anyone.” Sebastian Szczęsny, Director “MSM Foods Limited”

    Total Foods

    “The cooperation with EasySend is characterized by a high level of professionalism and thoroughness in 100% of the entrusted tasks. I can certainly recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional contractor specializing in currency exchange.” Grzegorz Jeż, Warehouse Director “Total Foods”
  • Twelve Grains

    “The best rates, the fastest transfers, top-level professional approach to the customer. This is EasySend – a company worth recommending!” Dariusz Klinowski, the Owner “Twelve Grains Ltd”

    AGA Foods

    “Reliability, solidity and honesty – these three are a perfect description of EasySend. I recommend their services to anyone making international money transfers.” Agnieszka Sysa, Finance Manager “Aga Food Ltd”

    PSB London

    “Individual customer approach is what I value most. We have been cooperating for many years now. EasySend provides the possibility of negotiating the exchange rate and tailoring the offer to the current company’s needs. All that smoothly and swiftly. Worth recommending to everyone.” Artur Niewolik, Director “PSB London Ltd”
  • PF Furniture

    “What particularly appeals to me apart from the great exchange rates and fast transactions is excellent customer service. They help, advise and ensure that the transactions made are always favourable to my company. That’s a big plus.” Piotr Felczak, Director “PF Furniture Ltd”

    BAPM Foods

    “We are fully satisfied with how the collaboration with EasySend Ltd works out. Many years of the company’s experience are reflected both in the quality of the service and the professionalism of its staff. I can certainly recommend working with this company.” Mateusz Żurek, Director “BAPM FOODS Ltd”

    ANT BM

    “At first, I had concerns about the credibility of EasySend, but these soon turned out to be unfounded. Express transfer of money to your account, great exchange rates, safe transactions – 100% professionalism. I do recommend them!” Radosław Ziegler, the Owner “ANT BM Ltd”
  • Bakery Bagietka

    “EasySend offers us far better exchange rates than any bank. In addition, the money transferred reaches the accounts of recipients very fast and the transfer is free of charge. I recommend EasySend to every company seeking additional funds for development.” Piotr Felczak, Owner “Bakery Bagietka Ltd”

    PB Supplies

    “We have benefited from their services as a business customer for several years now and we would not change EasySend to any other company! 100% recommendable!” Krzysztof Niezgoda, the Owner “PB Supplies Ltd”


    “EasySend is a reliable partner. All of our experience during our cooperation has been very positive. If you are looking for best exchange rates, fast transfers and wonderful service, I strongly recommend EasySend” Michael Lynch, Director “Lynco”
  • International Windows Group

    “The factor that was crucial in convincing me to cooperate with EasySend was the individual approach to every customer. Plus, with excellent exchange rates, EasySend outperforms all the competition. I strongly recommend them.” Dariusz Kaczor, Director “International Windows Group”

    Mixer Media Group

    “I recommend EasySend – for several years I’ve been cooperating with professionals whose exchange rate is great and who execute express transactions. I’ll undoubtedly keep using their services in the future.” Robert Jasiewicz, Director “MIXER MEDIA GROUP“

    Polish Village Bread

    “Individual approach, flexibility and fantastic customer service. This plus great exchange rate is a guarantee of a long-time successful cooperation. We can recommend EasySend as an ideal partner without any hesitation.” Kamil Smarduch, Finance Manager “Polish Village Bread Ltd“
  • Contact Finance sp. z o.o.

    “Fantastic, individual customer approach. We’re extremely satisfied with the cooperation with EasySend and can definitely recommend their services to our business partners.” Maciej Wojtal, Director “Contact Finance sp. z o.o.“

    Lemonex S.A.

    “Współpraca z firmą EasySend jest prawdziwą przyjemnością. Szybki kontakt, duża elastyczność i kreatywność to cechy, które czynią EasySend firmą godną polecenia. Nasza współpraca pomaga nam wzajemnie rozwijać potencjał biznesowy.” Mariusz Mirosław, Chairman of the Board “Lemonex S.A.“

Why are we better?


We offer competitive fees for all our transfers, and the first FAST transfer to Poland is free.


It takes only a few minutes to place a transfer order. Your money could reach the recipient’s account within just 10 minutes, or on the next business day at the latest.


We have the best exchange rates, significantly better than what the banks offer. With us you will really save money!


It’s very important to us to provide friendly and professional customer service. Our consultants are at your disposal 6 days a week, including Saturdays. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. You can write to us or contact us by phone.


Transfers are processed in both PLN, GBP and EUR, as well as in CHF. We operate throughout the entire European Union.


You can place a money transfer order anywhere by phone, email or directly via our website. Choose the form of transfer that best suits you. Place an order now!