Cookies Policy

EasySend’s website uses cookies, which are small data files that are placed on the user’s device (computer or mobile) when visiting our website. 

This is a common practice used on all web pages. 

By placing cookies we can improve your overall experience of our website – its content can be viewed properly and it can be personalized. It also allows us to improve our site so it can better suit our customer’s needs. In order to do that, as well as for marketing purposes, we might use third parties cookies. 

Cookies cannot be used to identify users personally nor to collect any personal data. They can only be used to identify the user’s device and to gather statistics on our users’ online behaviour. We might also use it in order to provide our services. 

If you do not wish cookies to be placed on your device, you may disable it by changing your browser settings. Please note that by doing this you might no longer be able to view our website properly and some functionalities might no longer be available to you. 

You can find out more on how we use cookies in our Privacy Policy.

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