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  1. Do I need to register and how can I do that? 

    Yes, registration is required. In order to sign up, click ‘Sign up’ at the top-right corner of the screen. Use your own email address and a password of your choice to activate your EasySend account.

  2. Do I have to register again if I’ve already used EasySend but haven’t ordered an online transfer? 

    No – each customer should own one account on our website. As a registered customer you can order transfers via your Customer Panel (available after you log in). Please contact us if you need assistance with the first login.

  3. What if I’ve forgotten my EasySend password? 

    You can choose ‘Forgot password’ below the fields with login details. We’ll send a password reset link to the email address you enter.

  4. Do I have to submit the indicated documents, and if yes, how? 

    To ensure the security of transactions we are bound by European law to verify the identity of our customers. If you order transfers that in total do not exceed the equivalent of EUR 1,000 within 90 days, and send funds within the EEA (free-trade area and Single Market covering the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries), no documents are required. For transfers over EUR 1,000, customer identity verification is required. Some transfers may require additional verification in order to maintain the security of transactions and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Until such verification is completed, the transfer may be suspended.

  5. What documents can I submit and in what format? 

    They vary depending on the issuing country. We accept the following identity documents: identity card, passport, UK driving licence, residence card (for citizens of non-EEA countries). The document confirming the address cannot be older than 3 months, should contain first and last name, full address, account number or document reference number. It can be, for example, a bank-issued statement, a utility bill, a letter from a financial institution, etc.

  6. Do I need to confirm my identity each time I transfer money? 

    No – if the documents have already been verified and accepted, there’s no need to confirm the identity again. Exceptions include validity date expiration or loss of document. Validity date for both documents is specified in them, whereas for address-confirming documents, if no validity date is specified, it is set for 2 years from the date of issue.

  7. Where can I register in person and order a money transfer? 

    You can do it at one of EasySend agent locations. The locations are available on


  1. How do I transfer money? 

    In order to transfer money, in the first step, log in to the EasySend Customer Panel and make a transfer order. When you click ‘Make transfer’, our system will ask you to choose a recipient. If there’s no recipient on your list yet, click ‘Add a new recipient’. The second step is to enter the transfer amount in the input or output currency and choose one of the transfer methods available for the desired transfer direction. Next, you’ll just have to pay for the order by quick online payment, payment card, or bank transfer to the bank account specified in our system.

  2. How do I add a recipient and what recipient data do I have to provide? 

    When you click either ‘Recipients’ or ‘Make transfer’, the system will redirect you to your recipients’ list. In order to add a new recipient, choose the ‘Add a new recipient’ option, enter first and last name, the recipient’s country and currency, and pick the default transfer purpose. The recipient data we require differ depending on the selected transfer type.

    • Cash pick-up transfers (transfers to the post office, transfers to other countries)
      When ordering a cash pick-up transfer, you have to enter first and last name of the recipient and mobile phone number to which a transaction code needed to pick up cash will be sent.
    • Transfers to bank account
      When ordering a transfer to a bank account, it is enough to enter the first and last name of the recipient or the company name, as well as the account number in the correct format (depending on the currency and the recipient’s country, the system will ask you to enter the account data in the national or the IBAN format).Example: for accounts held in the United Kingdom in GBP, the account number must be entered using this format: 6 digits of sort code and 8 digits of account number. For accounts held in PLN, only the 26-digit account number must be entered; for the remaining currencies and transfer destinations the number must be entered using the IBAN format
    • Transfers to card
      Only the recipient’s first and last name as well as card number is required.
  3. How do cash pick-up transfers work? 
    • Cash pickup at Post office
      When the transfer is completed on our part, a text message containing the unique GIRO transaction code, as well as the EasySend number – 99999999 – will be sent to the provided recipient mobile phone number. The recipient can go to any Poczta Polska (Polish Post) office and present their identity document together with the GIRO code to withdraw funds. The maximum limit for a single cash pick-up transfer has been set to PLN 10,000.00.
    • Cash pickup in other countries
      When the transfer is completed on our side, a text message containing the unique transaction code (IntelExpress system) will be sent to the provided mobile phone number. The recipient can go to any pick-up point and present their identity document together with the transaction code to withdraw funds. Daily limit for one transaction is an equivalent of USD 5,600.
  4. When will the recipient receive the funds? 
    • Cash pick-up transfers (cash pickup at Post Office in Poland, cash pickup in other countries)
      Delivery time for cash pick-up can be even 10 minutes. The first transfer may require additional verification to maintain transaction security and compliance with applicable regulations, which may slightly increase this time.
    • Transfers to bank account
      Transfer execution time depends on the selected destination and currency, and will be displayed when ordering the transfer. Depending on the selected transfer type, execution time can vary from even 10 minutes to 1-3 business days. The first transfer may require additional verification to maintain transaction security and compliance with applicable regulations, which may slightly increase this time.
    • Transfers to card
      The recipient of a transfer to a card receives the funds in 10 minutes to maximum one business day.
  5. How can I pay for the transfer? 

    You can choose from: card payment (debit or credit), quick online payment or bank transfer payment. As far as card payments are concerned, it’s enough to enter the data from the card, and funds will be sent automatically. Should you choose bank transfer as the payment method, you’ll have to transfer the amount to our account manually by online banking. After you enter the required transfer data, the system will display the account number for that transaction. Remember to include customer ID or transaction number in the title. This will allow us to identify the payment; otherwise transfer execution time may be longer.

  6. What happens if I place an online order but don’t provide funds for its execution? 

    Your order is active for 24 hours (see exceptions below). It means that the exchange rate is reserved for that period. If within that period the money for the transfer doesn’t reach our account, your transfer may be cancelled.

    Please be informed that if we receive the funds after the waiting period for that currency, the exchange rate might be changed accordingly to the rate applicable at the time that our account is credited with the appropriate amount.

    Waiting time for the funds to be credited to our account:

    • GBP, PLN – 1 business day
    • EUR, DKK, NOK, SEK, USD, HUF, BGN, CZK, RON, CHF – 3 business days
  7. I’ve sent money from my bank, when will it appear in your account? 

    The time of crediting your transfer to our account depends on the country you send funds from, as well as the transfer execution time in your bank. The best idea is to check the relevant information on your bank’s website.

  8. In what currencies can destination bank accounts be held? 
    • Cash pick-up transfers (Transfers to the Post Office, transfers to Ukraine)
      Cash pick-up in Poland at Poczta Polska offices is available only for PLN. Cash pick-up in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Armenia and Uzbekistan are available in two currencies: USD and EUR.
    • Transfers to bank account
      Depending on the sender’s country, we offer transfers to accounts held in different currencies (PLN, GBP, EUR, CHF, USD, CZK, AUD, BGN, SEK, NOK, HUF, RON, DKK). We also offer international transfers in the same currency, e.g. GBP-GBP, EUR-EUR, if ordered for two different countries. We don’t offer domestic transfers in the same currency, e.g. PLN-PLN in Poland. At the customer’s request, we can execute unusual transactions, in currencies and to destinations not listed above – to make such orders, please contact our Customer Service by phone to agree on individual terms and conditions of your order.
    • Transfers to card
      Transfers to card are realized to debit and credit Mastercards in UAH. Transfers cannot be made to business cards.
  9. Where can I find information on the current currency exchange rates? 

    The current exchange rate is always available on our website. Once you place the order, the rate given in the transfer order is reserved for 24 hours.

  10. After placing an order, I receive a text message / email with contact request. What’s happening with my transfer? 

    In consideration of the security of our services, some transactions are additionally verified. In order to perform short verification, please contact Customer Service by phone or enter your current telephone number in your profile, so that we can contact you. Until the necessary verification is completed, the transfer will be suspended.

  11. Can I check the current status of my transfer? 

    Yes. In the ‘Transaction history’ tab you can find all transfer orders placed by you. ‘Completed’ means that the transfer has already been set for execution by a bank and awaits crediting on the part of the recipient bank or (in case of cash pick-up transfers), funds can already be collected, and the pick-up code has been sent to the provided telephone number. ‘Pending’ means that you’ve placed an order that awaits payment. If you have correctly paid for the order, and the status is still Pending, it may mean that verification or submitting additional documents is required. ‘In progress’ means that the order has been paid for correctly and awaits execution. Money will be sent to the recipient shortly. ‘Rejected’ refers to those orders that haven’t been paid for within 24 hours from placing the order or have been rejected due to lack of verification or the money bouncing back from the recipient’s account.

  12. What is a SuperFAST transfer? 

    A SuperFAST transfer is an express transfer available on business days between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. GMT only for transfers to PLN accounts in Poland and GBP accounts in the UK. Money sent via SuperFAST transfers is credited to the recipient’s account even in 10 minutes. Delivery time may vary depending on the selected destination bank in Poland. SuperFAST transfers to PLN accounts in Poland ordered after 2 p.m. GMT are limited to PLN 20,000.

  13. I’ve ordered a FAST transfer, when will the money reach the recipient? 

    If a transfer order is placed and the payment for it reaches our account by 11:59 PM (GMT+2) the recipient will receive the funds on the next business day. Transfers to an account held in a currency other than GBP and PLN will reach the recipient in 2-3 business days (depending on the selected country and currency).

  14. The status of my transfer is ‘Completed’ but the recipient hasn’t received the funds yet. Why? 

    ‘Completed’ means that we’ve sent the money and the transfer awaits execution by bank. Thus, crediting the transfer is on the part of the recipient bank and may depend on the timing of sessions. These can be found in the recipient bank’s terms & conditions.

  15. Can I receive confirmation of my money transfer? 

    Yes, after every executed transfer, ordered online or via an agent location, the confirmation is generated automatically. It’ll be sent to the email address provided in your profile. It can additionally be generated in the ‘Transaction history’ tab. A list of executed transfers for a given period of time can also be provided – please contact the Customer Service.

  16. I can’t withdraw money – why? 
    • Cash pickup at Post Office in Poland
      In order to withdraw cash, the data used at the post office must match those specified in the transfer order. Verify the correctness of data: first and last name, transaction code, company number. If all the data are correct, but you still can’t withdraw money, please contact our Customer Service.
    • Cash pickup in other countries
      In order to withdraw money, you have to present an ID at the location, and the data must match those specified in the transfer order. Verify the correctness of data: first and last name and transaction code. If all the data are correct, but you still can’t withdraw money, please call the hotline of the payment operator – Intel Express: +380443383650.
  17. Where can I collect the cash from cash pickup transfers?  
    • Poland – any branch of Post Office
    • Ukraine – any branch of: OschadBank PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank, Idustrial Bank, iBoxBank, Accordbank, Pravex Bank, Globus Bank, Cominvestbank, MIB, CominBank, Motor Bank, Zemelny Capital Bank, Unex Bank
    • Georgia – any branch of: Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank, Liberty Bank, VTB Georgia, IntelExpress Crystal, Terabank, Basis Bank, IntelExpress Head, Money Movers (Agents), IntelExpress Smart Finanse, IntelExpress Micro Business Capital, IntelExpress Moneta, Cartu Bank, Silk Road Bank, Credo, eMoney, IntelExpress Aplha Express, MonRem
    • Armenia – any branch of: ArdShinInvestBank CJSC, VTB Armenia, AraratBank, ArmBusinessBank, ArmEconomBank, Unibank, InecoBank, ArtsakhBank, ID Bank, Evocabank
    • Moldova – any branch of: Post of Moldova, Moldindconbank, Victoria Bank, EuroCreditBank
    • Uzbekistan – any branch of Orient Finance Bank
  18. I don’t want to use online banking, can I pay money to your account at a bank office? 

    We don’t accept cash payments to our account. 

My account

  1. Why can’t I log in to my EasySend account? 
    • Check if the email address is correct
    • Check if the password entered is correct (is Caps Lock on?)
    • Try using a different browser
    • Use the password reminder button
    • Contact Customer Service
  2. I forgot my Customer Panel password, what do I do now? 

    In order to reset your password, click ‘Forgot password’ in the login window. Next, enter the email address used to sign up and click ‘Reset your password’. We’ll send you a message with a link to set up the new password.

  3. When I try to log in, a message appears: ‘Your email address hasn’t been found in our database’. What should I do? 

    First of all, please check if the email address and the password are correct. If you keep receiving the notification, it may mean that your Customer Panel has not yet been successfully activated. In that case, please contact our Customer Service. There’s no need to sign up again. If you’ve already used our services, our consultant will activate your account.

Limits and documents

  1. Why do I have to provide my details to make a transfer? 

    This is due to legal provisions specifying the rules for international money transfers. The data and documents we require and accept may differ depending on the registration country and the sender’s citizenship.

  2. What identification data do I have to provide? 

    The basic required identification data are:

    • first and last name,
    • date of birth,
    • address of residence in the sender’s country,
    • purpose of transfers,
    • contact details – email and (optional) phone number.
    • citizenship

    The customer’s personal data and identity are verified based on a photo of an identity document and biometric face verification via a phone camera or a webcam (selfie-based verification). Identity verification carried out by the customers themselves replaces the entire procedure of customers sending document scans and awaiting manual verification by EasySend specialists.

  3. What documents do I have to add and when? 

    Account verification needs to be carried out if the total amount of your transfers exceeds the equivalent of EUR 1,000 within 90 days or if it’s necessary due to requirements applying to the sender’s or the recipient’s country. The system will inform you when and where you have to add the documents. Documents required to increase the limit are: an identity document and a document confirming your address (for some countries). When those are verified, the transfer limit will be increased to the equivalent of EUR 15,000 in a 90-day period. If transfer amounts exceed in total the equivalent of EUR 15,000 in a 90-day period, a document confirming the source of funds must be presented. Moreover, according to its Terms and Conditions, EasySend may ask its customers to present additional or non-standard documents depending on the transaction risk evaluation.

  4. What identity-confirming documents can I submit and in what format? 

    The verification is done automatically within our system (selfie-based verification). After you provide basic details, the system will ask you for pictures of both sides of your ID card (or another identification document, and for a few shots of your face.

    List of accepted documents:

    • passport,
    • EUR national ID card – issued in an EU member state,
    • driving license (this option may not apply to some countries),
    • residence permit issued in an EU country (for citizens of non-EU countries).

    In exceptional cases, the verification may be carried out manually by sending a picture or a scan of documents. Photographs or scans of a document should be clear, can be colour or black-and-white, and all the data must be legible and fully visible. Such document can be sent to us in the form of a clear photograph or as a file in an acceptable format (PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP or TIFF).

  5. What document confirming my address can I attach and in what form? 

    Verification of residential address is required only for some countries.

    The document confirming the address cannot be older than 3 months, should contain visible data, i.e., first and last name, address, account number / document reference number / date of issue. Such document can be sent to us in the form of a clear photograph or as a file in an acceptable format (PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP or TIFF).

    We accept the following documents:

    • current bank statement – with the first and last name of account owner, account number, address and date of issue visible,
    • current debit/credit card statement – with the card number visible,
    • council Tax – demand letter or statement – with customer/reference number visible,
    • education grant or other grant confirmation – with customer/reference number visible,
    • firearms certificate or shotgun licence – with customer/reference number visible,
    • housing Benefit – with customer/reference number visible,
    • ID card issued by an Electoral Roll office,
    • Inland Tax Revenue Notification – with customer/reference number visible,
    • tax Credit.

    Other documents:

    • instrument of a court appointment – with customer/reference number visible,
    • mortgage statement – with customer/reference number visible,
    • British driving licence (issued in the mainland UK; Northern Irish licences are not accepted),
    • utility bill (excluding cell phone bills) – with customer/reference number visible.

    Additional documents accepted for cash pick-up transfers to Ukraine:

    • residence permit issued by an EU member country,
    • driving licence issued in an EU member country,
    • rent agreement,
    • bank statement,
    • payslip (with address),
    • utility bill,
    • official letter,
    • letter from the employer confirming the address.
  6. What documents confirming the source of funds can I submit? 

    The document confirming the source of funds should clearly specify and certify the source of funds to be sent. This can be a bank statement, sales contract, loan agreement, notarial deed, etc.

  7. What happens if I refuse to submit the required documents? 

    If the customer fails to present a required document, EasySend has the right to decline to proceed with the transfer execution. If there is a suspicion of money laundering or other illegal activities, EasySend is obliged by law to inform relevant authorities of this fact without having to inform the customer.

  8. I run a company. What documents should I submit? 

    Shareholding company, LTD, LLC, sp. z o.o. / company limited by guarantee

    • Copy of company registration document – e.g. Certificate of incorporation, court register excerpt
    • Document confirming the identity (mentioned in point no.4) of the Director / EasySend account holder
    • If the person being the EasySend account holder is not the company owner/director/shareholder, a document signed by one of the Directors, which authorizes that person to make transfers on behalf of the company, should be submitted, along with a copy of the Director’s ID.
    • If one or more shareholders are a different company, we ask for a copy of that company’s registration document.
    • In the case of companies outside the UK and Poland, additional documents may be required (company deed, document confirming the address of residence of the Director / EasySend account holder).
    • VAT number assignment confirmation (optional)



    • Partnership deed
    • Document confirming the identity (mentioned in point no.4) and address of the partner / EasySend account holder (mentioned in point no.5)
    • VAT number assignment confirmation (optional)



    • Document confirming the conducted business activity
    • Document confirming the freelancer’s identity (mentioned in point no.4)
    • Confirmation of the address of residence (if the registration document does not confirm the current address of residence) (mentioned in point no.5)
    • VAT number assignment confirmation (optional)

Personal data protection

  1. How will the data provided when I signed up be secured? 

    All EasySend customers’ data are strictly confidential and processed for the purpose of money transfer execution. We’re registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act under number Z2973216. We meet the highest international security standards. More information, including that concerning collecting and processing of personal data, can be found on:

  2. Why do I have to provide my personal data? 

    We provide money transfer services, which is why we collect and process essential data – the information provided when filling in the form (first and last name, address, copy of documents verifying identity or the source of funds, telephone number, email address, etc.). We record transaction details (amount, currency), correspondence and telephone conversations between the company and the customers. We do so only to improve our services. Users have the right to review, correct and update their personal data.

Two-step verification

  1. What are the advantages of two-step verification? 

    Two-step verification helps us increase the level of security of your EasySend data and transactions. This process diminishes the risk of introducing changes to sensitive data by unauthorized persons – each important activity performed in the Customer Panel must be additionally verified with the use of an SMS code or a different method: e.g. PIN or biometrics.

  2. Is two-step verification mandatory? 

    Yes. Two-step verification (Strong Customer Authentication) is part of larger changes in payment services systems (such as EasySend’s) and, along with other provisions, will become effective on 14 September. EasySend, being a British company, is supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority. In order to meet the requirements in force, it has to introduce mandatory two-step verification for its customers.
    Text of the delegated regulation:

  3. Why am I not receiving text messages? 

    If you don’t get any text messages, make sure your telephone has network coverage. You can also try turning it off and on or calling any number to confirm that there is signal. Then repeat the action which resulted with no text message being received.The most common reason why text messages aren’t delivered is using a foreign phone number or a foreign operator’s coverage. If this issue persists, please contact our Customer Service.

  4. I no longer have access to the phone number used for two-step verification. What should I do now? 

    The phone number used for two-step verification can be changed. If you wish to do that, contact our Customer Service. Our staff will guide you through the process of phone number change for the purposes of verification.

  5. What is the cost of two-step verification? 

    Two-step verification is free. You bear no cost related to receiving text messages or the whole process in general.

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