Referral Programme Terms and Conditions

  1. The Referral Programme gives you the opportunity to invite your friends, acquaintances or family to EasySend.
  2. You must have an active EasySend individual customer account to take part in the Referral Programme.
  3. You may take part in the Referral Programme by sharing a unique referral link on Facebook or via emails.
  4. The invited friends that sign up will be visible in your Customer Panel.
  5. For the reference to count, the invited person must meet the following conditions: sign up to EasySend via the unique referral link and successfully send transfers totalling to at least £100 or equivalent value in other currency (once this condition is met, the person will be automatically confirmed as the new referral).
  6. When the referral meets the above-mentioned conditions, the referring person is eligible for the financial reward in the amount of £10 (or the equivalent of that amount in EUR or PLN – the currency exchange rate for the given currency pair posted on the webpage on the day of the reward payment applies).
  7. EasySend reserves the right to establish a different (higher) amount of the reward in the Referral Programme.
  8. The non-standard referral reward amount may apply to all participants of the Referral Programme only during the promotional period established by EasySend. EasySend will inform the customers about conditions of any such special offer via email or the Customer Panel.
  9. The non-standard referral reward amount may only be set individually for each participant of the Referral Programme.
  10. It will be sent to the provided account number within 3 business days from the day of contacting EasySend regarding this matter. The referring person can wait until more friends are successfully invited and receive a larger reward.
  11. The bank account to which the reward is transferred must be held in the UK in GBP, in the EU in EUR or in Poland in PLN.
  12. When the referred person has met the £100 threshold (or the equivalent of this amount in a different currency), they will be awarded a free SuperFAST transfer.
  13. If a person receives the referral link from more than one person, the one via which the registration is completed counts.
  14. The invited friends can make their first FAST transfer with EasySend for free.
  15. By participating in the Referral Programme, you represent and warrant to us that you have obtained explicit consent from the individuals whose data you provide us with.
  16. EasySend has the right to refuse to pay the reward if there is a suspicion of violating the present Terms and Conditions and the concept of the Referral Programme.
  17. When such violation is confirmed, EasySend may take actions that may result in closing the account of the referring person, the account of the invited person or suspending the Referral Programme.
  18. EasySend accepts no liability for any use of the Referral Programme which does not comply with the present Terms and Conditions.
  19. EasySend reserves the right to alter the present Terms and Conditions or terminate the Referral Programme at any point without prior notice.
  20. Any person taking part in the Referral Programme must abide by the Terms and Conditions, act in good faith and in accordance with the law. You may not:
  • create more than one account and invite yourself;
  • invite persons that have created duplicated accounts for this purpose;
  • use false or stolen identity to create fake accounts and invite them;
  • invite people you do not know in a manner that, in EasySend’s sole and absolute opinion, constitutes spam or other undesirable or unsolicited communication;
  • share your payment card or bank account with persons you invite so that they make a transaction;
  • invite existing customers of EasySend;
  • act in any manner detrimental to EasySend’s reputation;
  • engage in any activities aimed at circumventing the Referral Programme or the present Terms and Conditions.

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