We help you transfer money fast, securely and at an excellent rate!

We know well that nowadays it’s all about quickness and security. These are the factors we take into consideration at EasySend, while offering fixed and low fees for international transfers.

No one wants to waste time and hard-earned money on bank procedures. In 2006 we started changing the financial market because we’d had it enough with banking monopoly. It began with an ambitious plan of two friends who went abroad to work. Now we’re an experienced company, trusted by thousands of customers, which executes over 40 transfer directions all over the world. One thing is sure: it’s worth aiming high!

Our values


We’re well trained and passionate. We approach each customer individually and with respect. Perhaps this is why our Customer Service is so frequently called “the best in the world”.


EasySend is a licensed payment institution authorized by FCA. AML and Compliance experts safeguard the security of all transactions and verify all documents and procedures.


Sign up, order a transfer and… let us do the rest! Over 100 thousand customers have already trusted us, recognizing the convenience and security of our services. Read excellent reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot (we’re the only company in the industry with a 4.8/5 score)


International customer service requires state-of-the-art technologies – we invest in tested solutions and constantly develop them. You can be confident that our offer is always up-to-date and available whenever you need us.

Our history

  • Icon 2006
    2006 Beginning of operation in Northern Ireland
  • Icon 2007
    2007 First million in GBP turnover
  • Icon 2009
    2009 Expansion of operation into all of the UK
  • Icon 2012
    2012 Moving EasySend’s office to Poland (the first line-up was only a handful of people; now it’s almost 40 specialists)
  • Icon 2013
    2013 Introduction of SuperFAST express transfers
  • Icon 2016
    2016 Launch of Transfers to the Post Office in Poland
  • Icon 2017
    2017 Introduction of EUR transfers
  • Icon 2018
    2018 Launch of 28 new transfer directions (including Ukraine and the whole eurozone)
  • Icon 2019
    2019 Express payments directly to Ukrainian cards
  • Icon 2020
    2020 EasySend mobile app
15 years in the market
48,979,798 Transfers executed
£2,789,564 Money saved by customers with our help