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exchange rate

greedy bank

delivery date

EASYSEND: Fast to 24 h nawet w 10 minut
EASYSEND: Superfast even in 10 min
greedy bank about 96 h*


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5 zł
EasySend - Superfast
greedy bank about

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EasySend 4.86
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EASYSEND: Fast to 24 h
greedy bank about 72 h*


greedy bank about 50 PLN

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    4689 PLN
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We provide fastest international online transfers. We use the latest security protocols, including SSL and SSH with key length at least 256 bits. We also provide systematic data backup.

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We maintain the highest level of service. We comply with all relevant regulations within the European Union. In case of any problems with the transaction, please contact us – they will be resolved within one business day.

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It is you who pay the agreed amount via your debit card or bank transfer. We don’t have access to your bank account or your account history. We don’t charge any hidden fees, and we care about your sensitive data.

EasySend is authorized to provide payment services by the Financial Conduct Authority on the basis of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (number 593364).

EasySend Ltd is authorized to perform payment service activities in Poland within the EU internal market. We have been granted relevant permission by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).

EasySend uses GeoTrust – one of the most recognizable brands in the field of internet security. GeoTrust is the second largest issuer of SSL certificates (CA) in the world.

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