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How to transfer money with EasySend?

3 simple steps for fast and cheap money transfers to Poland.


Choose recipient

Sign up and send money to your loved ones, pay bills or build up some savings. Every FAST transfer is always free.


Choose the amount and the collection option

Choose transfer type and pay by card or bank transfer.


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It will reach the recipient even in 10 minutes from paying the transfer

Why is EasySend worth using?

Trusted and safe company icon Trusted and safe company

We are obliged to follow the same legal regulations as banks. Having operated for 14 years in the industry, we have won the trust of thousands of customers.

Professional Customer Service icon Professional Customer Service

You can always call us or chat with us, send an e-mail and use Messenger to contact us.

Save time and money icon Save time and money

We have excellent offer! Great exchange rate, fixed low fee and transfers reaching your loved ones in UK even in 10 minutes.

Transfers available for any device icon Transfers available for any device

Smartphone, tablet or computer? It makes no difference for us. Make the transfer quickly and easily.

Mobile App

Download EasySend mobile app and send money instantly.
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We speak your language! Let us know how we can help you. Our specialists are always waiting for you on the other side.


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UE +353 1 485 44 89

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There are no borders for us - also when it comes to language. Check which languages we speak!