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exchange rate delivery time Fee
EASYSEND: Fast 5,02
to 24 h
EASYSEND: Superfast 5,02
even in 10 minutes
greedy bank 4,52
about 96 h*
about 20 GBP
exchange rate delivery time Fee
EASYSEND: Fast 5,16
to 24 h
greedy bank 5,31
about 72 h*
about 50 PLN

exchange rate

EasySend 5,02
greedy bank 4,52

delivery time

EASYSEND: Fast to 24 h
EASYSEND: Superfast even in 10 min
greedy bank about 96 h*


EasySend - Fast 2 GBP
EasySend - Superfast 5 GBP
greedy bank about 20 GBP

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    4517 PLN


security guarantee

We provide the fastest international money transfers via Internet. We use the latest security protocols, including SSL and SSH with key length not shorter than 256 bits. We also provide systematic data backup.

Transaction completion guarantee

We maintain the highest level of service. We comply with all relevant regulations within UK and Poland. In case of any problems with the transaction, please contact us.

transparency and discretion

It is You who pays the agreed amount either via debit card or bank transfer. We do not have an access to Your bank account details or Your account history. We don't charge any hiddenfees, we care about Your privacy inquiries.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is non ministerial department of the British Government responsible for the collection of taxes, as well as social security, management and distribution of benefits for children, etc.

EasySend Ltd is registered and authorized by the UK Financial Supervisory Commission (Financial Conduct Authority). The licence was granted in 2009 under the UK Regulations on payment services (Payment Services Regulations 2009) for the provision of payment services (number: 593364).

EasySend Ltd Liability Company – has also been granted a permission to perform payment service activities by the Polish Financial Supervision Commission (KNF) and under the control of the British financial supervisory committee (Financial Conduct Authority) number: 593364.

GeoTrust - one of the most recognizable brands in the field of internet security. GeoTrust is the second largest issuer of SSL certificates (CA) in the world.

We care about our Customers

I always transfer money from the UK to Poland by EasySend. It comes out to be the cheapest method. The money appears on your account at an express pace. I highly recommend this company.

Klient EasySend Tomasz Giluk

EasySend isn’t only cheap, but they also provide a very good currency exchange rate. That is excellent and that’s what I was looking for.

Klient EasySend Robert Rajczak

EasySend is doing great. Money arrives always on time. I am very happy with ther service.

Klient EasySend Michał Rożycki

In the morning I go to the site, make a quick transfer, and already at noon I have the money on my account. Brilliant thing.

Klient EasySend Marcin Troka

Thanks to You I’m not worried about my transfers, I know that they always arrive on time. I was never disappointed. You are great, keep it up!

Klient EasySend Kamil Jankowski

I work in the UK and regularly send money through EasySend. It always goes smoothly.

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EasySend changed my attitude to transfers. Easy to use, no stress, no hidden costs. And that is what matters to me. Now transferring money abroad is a pure pleasure!

Klient EasySend Paulina Berent

I chose EasySend and it was a good decision. They have the best currency exchange rates. Transfers are going very fast. I recommend it to all.

Klient EasySend Agata Bednarz

In the bank you have to pay a lot for transfers abroad. Now with EasySend I’m doing the same thing much cheaper, and the money comes in faster. I use their services and I will continue to do so.

Klient EasySend Angelika Cholewińska

Pleasant, professional, problem-free service. For that I like You. 100% satisfaction.

Klient EasySend Katarzyna Steerment

I recommend this service. Fast, convenient and reliable.

Klient EasySend Maciej Schmidt

When I worked in the UK, I often used EasySend. Each of my transfers reached Poland extremely fast. I’m recommending it, it’s really worth it!

Klient EasySend Małgorzata Bogdzia

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